giovedì 29 novembre 2007

When an idea unites and stirs the soul ...

Versione adattata per gli amici americani di Dailypaul, dall'articolo originale di Francesco.

A little contribution from Italians4RonPaul…

“When an idea unites and stirs the soul…”


It’s the only Word that comes to my mind seeing the zeal showcased and sacrifices made to advance the cause of a man that has the capacity to open hearts and minds, who unites in spirit and deeds such a diverse crowd. It is composed of men and women with the patience, the desire and the talent to tango with a philosophy containing ideas which, at first impact, might seem to come from outer space.

I am not referring to the life and the ideas followed by millions upon millions (…yet) such as Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, of a Gandhi, King or others. I am speaking of Ron Paul.

My approach may evoke some laughter and yes, there are people who, as soon as they hear the name of Ron Paul, pick up their (electronic) ammunition and fire around them as crazily as Rambo would, as this happens both online as well as offline. It is done by famous journalists and microscopic bloggers such as ourselves. Every tiny bit of info that is the least disturbing is relentlessly searched, found and often blown out of any proportion. Especially here, on DailyPaul, in one of our favorite doctor’s holy temples, I need not to name any particular incidents, because you will name a hundred more. All the more reason to, in line with the overall spirit of this blog, try to describe, through the story of some people, why I put Ron in a positive light. And, as you all know, the examples are numerous.

Let me start with some numbers which here, at DailyPaul, should be made part of the entry exam! It is the end of November now and, after a few months, a whopping 75.000 people (and growing) have subscribed to MeetUp in some 1200 groups, mostly in the US, as well as around the globe. Just looking at the adherence map on the MeetUp website makes you shiver in amazement.

Paul's friends in New York.

These people meet once or more a week to discuss life and politics, many of them are political newbies. Then there is action: organizing fundraising activities, meetings, rallies, and, above all, wonderful pockets of brilliant political action (banner waving at intersections, music for Ron in the street, door-to-door visits to present Ron’s campaign, free self-made merchandising distribution etc.). These are effective tools since even if the approached people are startled at first, one can see the enthusiasm and curiosity written all over their faces once they are told what Ron is all about. There seems to be life after a period of political apathy and disdain towards politicians in general. THIS is the New Hope, as one of the most touching self-made videos of Ron yet has titled it. No doubt everybody reading this has seen it… if not, go to YouTube NOW. I will patiently await your return.
To all of these people: THANKS

Carol Paul with a young friend. Family in Chicago.

For all those who invested hours and hours of their time and talent into creating all kinds of tools to promote Ron, such as audio, video, written work, merchandising, gigantic banners next to interstates, as well as things we can find on YouTube, DailyPaul, Facebook, TheCaseForRonPaul, MySpace, RonPaulGraphs and innumerable others… THANKS.

Countless activities have sprouted from the brains of individuals, and one of the first which we linked to our blog is a real nutty and precious one. I am referring to the three courageous grannies from the US and A who decided to be “born-again” as “Granny Warriors”. They bought an RV, painted a huge flag on it, covered it in RP Revolution graphs and decals and are, as we speak, busy cruising the country. They meet paulestinians and any and all citizens willing to hear them out on why they adore the good old doctor, be it at Ron Paul rallies or NASCAR races. Blessed with an above average dose of courage, good health and superhuman stamina they impress people all over the place with their passion for Ron and their charming manners. THANK YOU, and a DEEP and RESPECTFUL BOW of ADMIRATION and RESPECT.

Finally, there are three people in particular I would like to thank, the Three Musketeers shall we say.
First off, Michael Nystrom, a.k.a. Athos, a man whom I dedicated a paragraph in the Italian version of this article, but who needs no introduction here. A simple thank you for your time and energy invested in creating and maintaining a wonderful temple for civilized discussion on life, politics and Ron Paul. THANK YOU ENORMOUSLY.

Michael Nystrom and Ron Paul.

Next up, Trevor Lyman, a.k.a. Aramis. He created the “Remember, remember, the 5th of November” money bomb idea which turned into the single biggest one-day fundraising effort of any candidate in this campaign and virtually propelled Lyman to the status of unofficial donations manager for the Paul campaign. Lyman prepared two other bombs which are on the way and ready to burst peacefully, namely the “Rudy’sReadingList”, in store for November 30th, and the “TeaParty07”, for December 16th. I hold my breath for what’s coming... Finally, there is the RonPaulBlimp idea, which seems to have originated from him too, which has collected, in pledges at least, enough money to fly a blimp, or airship, for one month at least in support of Ron. THANK YOU FOR YOUR STROKES OF GENIUS.

Dulcis in fundo, I would like to extend praise to another person, Lawrence Lepard, a.k.a. Porthos, who disbursed 85 000 of his hard-earned US dollars to pay for a one page RP ad on the USA Today of 21 November, the most widely circulated US daily. AN EMOTIONAL THANK YOU.
Why emotional? Simply because, as I scrolled through the text and glazed at the classic B/W layout I was overcome by emotions, as happened to me earlier on a few occasions whilst listening and watching Ron Paul speak in certain speeches and YouTube mash-ups.

When I look at and listen to Ron, my heart pounds fiercely in my chest, and his genuine smile and tender voice give me the feeling that all will be fine, and that in front of me I have a person I can count on, “for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and health” (sorry Carol, I know you have the monopoly on this phrase… but just for literary sake!). Also, as a politician, a person who might be able to cure the sickness that has creeped into a portion of domestic and foreign policies, both in the US and beyond. I was not sure if my tears of happiness made me some sort of a (political) outcast, until I recently found a thread here on DailyPaul solely dedicated to this topic. You cannot imagine my relief in finding that all kinds of servicemen and women with years of combat experience confessed tender little tears of joy, non-desperate housewives, grannies and grandpas of Ron’s age alike, and 23-year-old guys like myself who haven’t seen, excuse my French, shit in their lives. We all feel something is about to happen, we do not know what, we just wish it to be a little touch of heaven on earth, and we know that Ron Paul is the man with the plan, as well that he needs ALL of our efforts, no matter how tiny we might think they are, to make it work.

Voila`, Ron’s little mystery. Who else, among the many current political leaders, who else, in the current disenchantment with politics, has the charisma not to evoke fanaticism, but tears of joy in persons from all over the worlds and with an infinite variety of backgrounds?

Written by Francesco

Originally published on = DailyPaul

Authors: Francesco and Andrea
Webmaster: Matteo

P.S. The authors and webmaster of the blog are 3 italians who are uncurable Ron Paul freaks who love politics and life in general and would love to see a US under a brilliant President who has the audacity, the vision, the consistency, and the humility of a Ron Paul. We promote Ron at every occasion we have to people of all nationalities and walks of life and notice that, after angry and confused reactions at first, people often open up and truly, madly, deeply (as the song goes…) open up. I am sure US Paul supporters experience something similar.

Viva Ron Paul! If you are Italian, know Italian and/or have Italian friends please visit our blog as well and drop us a line, we would be extremely thankful. Please find the Italian version of the article with pictures on our blog.

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Anonimo ha detto...

Ma oggi 30 novembre c'è un altro money bomb. Non sta andando granchè.


Francesco ("maranelloboy") ha detto...

Appunto... oggi e` il 29 ;)

Pero` si, in effetti, sara` dura questa volta perche` e` il money bomb del 16 dicembre che ha ricevuto tanta attenzione, insieme al dirigibile (RonPaulBlimp) che verra` affittato per un mese. Temo che dunque il 30 non avra` molto esito.

Ma bisogna guardare a cosa i paulisti hanno raggiunto e quante belle iniziative ci sono... ed il sorriso ritorna. Ogni bella strada avra` pure qualche buca (basta che non scoppi la ruota!!!!.

Anonimo ha detto...

Ops! Scusate sono rimbambito dallo Studio!


Pooja ha detto...

Wow.. I am amazed. The article is so well written and can surely make someone's hair raise....on the other side of the ocean, the picture is so superficial with idiots with huge grins waiting to take our tax money....It makes me throw up to see Giuliani's vicious grin and Hillary's hollow arguments and John Edward's trips to the beauty parlor.. but life is not always as planned..and even if Ron is not on every voter's mind, he is embedded in several people's heart which carries more weight in the long run...but we (myself and my better half) stand strong and hope for the best.

Anonimo ha detto...

Complimenti per il sito!
Magari ci fossero politici come Ron Paul in Italia! Non riesco a credere che dopo il Tea Party i mass media continuano a ignorare la rivoluzione!

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